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For the year we have selected to attend 6 events this year.

May 25-27,2012  Feast of Ste. Claire  Pine Grove Park, Pt Huron, MI

Every year a special committee of the Port Huron Museum of Arts and History presents a living re-enactment of 18th centry life on Memorial Day weekend. This Open to the Public event consists of over 600 re-enactors with more than 100 colonial style camps set up in beautiful Pine Grove Park (on the St Clair river) in Port Huron, Michigan. This year will be the 32nd consecutive year for this very informative and educational event.
This event is a new event for me. I did attend this event years ago as a civilian as was taken back at how big this event was and how many sutlers there were. Now, as a sutler, I'm going to make this event the first event with my NEW BIG tent. I'm excited to be part of one of the biggest sutler events in the state. Sutlers like 'Two Bears' and 'Ralph The Box Guy' and MANY others will be my neighbors. Come out and eat and shop till your hearts content.

(Update)  "The Feast" was a great event. This was the first time in Pt. Huron and it was awesome! Will definitely be back next year.

June 22-24, 2012   "The River Runs Through It", Frankenmuth, MI

The first is a Time Line event hosted by an organization out of Ohio called the National Society of Living Historians. It will spand the time spectrum from the French and Indian War 1750's all the way thru and including WWII.  This event will be held at the ever popular Frankenmuth, Michigan.  It will take place in the area behind River Place Plaza.

(Update)  As always Frankenmuth and the Society does it again. Made alot of new friends both public and reenacters. 'I'll be back'

July 20-22, 2012   "Cass River Encampment"Frankenmuth, MI

This event will also be held at the River Place Plaza in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  This event is called the Cass River Encampment. This will be strictly a Colonial Period event with some French and Indian war battles and programs  scattered through out the weekend gives this event a real accurate look at the time of our nations founding.   We always look forward to this event and is increasingly becoming an annual favorite.

(Update)  I am always impresses with how well "we" are treated in Frankenmuth by both the public and the Zender Family. Again, "i'll be back"

Aug 3-5, 2012  18th Century Trade Show, Mackinaw City, MI

This event is a first for me. I was encouraged by a good freind that I should attend this up and coming event. Located in the 'never a dull moment' city of Mackinaw City I feel his advise will be worth all the effort. Located in the park just east of the Mackinaw Bridge, the veiw and event will make this event one to remember and one to put on your calendar for next year. See you all there.

(Update)  Again this was another of my "never been there before" events. I have been to Mackinaw City but not as a reenacter. A little smaller than other events but this is what made it special. I was thoroughly blessed by the 42nd Bagpiper and Drum Corp. from Indiana. This group is so good they will be attending an event in the mother country, Scotland. This was my "best" shows ever. Put this one on the schedule for next year.

August 10-12, 2012   "Colonial Kensington", Kensington Metro Park,       Milford, MI

This event is with out a doubt the biggest Continental Event.  This event is called  Colonial Kensington which will be held in Kensington Metro Park located in Milford, Michigan. With the many beaches spread around Kensingtom Lake it would be hard to beat Martindale Beach.  This location with the beautiful water and very fun GIANT WATER PARK make this a must for families and kids alike. Never a dull moment, swim, slide, sunbathe and bar-b-que, oh did I mention a colonial period encampment.  Don't miss this one!

(Update)  Unfortunately, this event was a rain out. I really stuggled with this one. It was raining cats and dogs Thursday and Friday. So Friday 6am I made the tough decision to pass on this event and to prepare for the season finale, "River of Time". I did make a day trip to Kensington at the request of the organizer to fill the Sunday morning worship preaching service. I always enjoy being able to preach at events. Thanks Dave the Red for asking.

Sept. 28-30, 2012   "Bay City River of Time", Vet Park, Bay City, MI

This event is the season finally. Called the Bay City River of Time encampment this event is the largest event of the local season, largest area, largest number of sutlers, largest number of reenactors, most pagentry, most skits covering French/Indian thru WWII. This is the event that all the reenactors get ready to let there hair down for the season.  Located at Vets Park on the Saginaw River there is plenty to see and do in the surrounding area.  This is the one not to miss.

(Update)  Where do I begin with this event. Being the last event of the year I set some rather high expectations for this event. First of all it all started in Pt Huron with a dinner challenge from my "servant" Dan Hock. He bet dinner on Friday night if I let my hair down, shake it out, put on my period glasses, walk out in public and if someone didn't ask me if I was Ben Franklin within 5 minutes, he would but dinner.  Well it took all of 2 minutes and ever since then I was "Ben Franklin". I even got on invite to speak in Ohio on US Constitution Day Sept 17. Abby traveled with me and all went very well, met some very nice people and learned alot about "Ben".  While registering at Bay City I was asked if I had any special presentation for the school kids making there appearance on Friday morning. I couldn't resist, "I do an impression of Dr. Ben Franklin."  That's when it all started. After 5 attempts to meet the event director, I finally had on opportunity to converse on Sunday afternoon. I was staying in first character and she was impressed with my portrail. At conversations end I was asked to speak at next years event. But getting back to Friday and Saturday, which were absolutely the BEST!  Had MANY interactions with the public and the school kids as Ben. The weather was excellent, with alittle rain on Saturday night, the temps were very mild and sleeping was great. And to top it all off, it was the best event financially ever!
All in all, I will be back next year and am making plans to attend the History Expo in KZoo in March of 2013
, as a sutler!
Thanks to all for making this year the best ever :)
See you nest year. 

Hope to see you all at as many events as you can attend, stop by and say HI! and let us know you found out about the event at  The Salty

2013 Schedule coming soon

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